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Weather conditions at New Glasgow Data/graphs 1  |  2  [old link], Nova Scotia
(45.588N /  62.656W  elev. 120 ft)
DATA ARCHIVES:  Year-to-date |   Last month |  This month |   Past week |  Past 2 days  |  Averages / Extremes

View nearby web cam on Mt. William (elev ~ 300 ft, 3 km WSW of the station)
Photographic views of the site and elevation map of surroundings - Pictou County
Canadian Products:
Gore NS (XGO)
Marion Bridge NS (XMB)
Chipman, NB (XNC)
Holyrood NF (WTP)
Marble Mountain NF (XME)
Echo heights (NAVCAN)
American Products:
Caribou ME (CAR)
Radar Loop US (Intellicast)
Echo Tops/Cell Mvmt (Intellicast)
NWS Real-time radar
NEXRAD (with doppler velocity)
Interactive Satellite Viewer
Big North America Images: IR | VIS | WV
WeatherTap (Eastern Canada):  Image  |  animation
CMC Images
UQAM Visible (+other)
**NEW** GOES-16  Eastern Canada 1  |  Eastern Canada 2
East Canada VIS (ADDS)   IR (ADDS)  
250-m Resolution   Maritimes subsets
Gulf St. Lawrence subset   Newfoundland subset   WorldView
CIMSS Imagery (Sat winds, shear products, etc)
NRL - Various Satellite - including rainrate product
NRL - NexSat (incl. WindSat and ASCAT)
Total PW product (NESDIS)  |  CIRA PW (anom)
POES and GOES imagery (NOAA/SSD)
Water Vapor Loops:  RAMMB  NOAA1   NOAA2   NOAA3
SatCast (precipitation-producing convective clouds)
Offshore Weather Data
SAR Winds (cwinds site)
Buoy Data:
National Data Buoy Center    Smartbay (NFLD)
South Ramea Island CDIP (NFLD)  Directional Spectrum     NCDC site
Bedford Basin Buoy   
Gulf of St Lawrence buoys
Gulf St Lawrence buoys (IML)
Buoy instrument specifications: 3-m discus |  NOMAD
sampling specs
Sea States: 12Z*: Anal | 12HR | 24HR | 36HR PROG
00Z*: Anal | 12HR | 24HR | 36HR PROG
CMC Waves [WAM]
NOAA WaveWatch III wave model       Main Display      Tabular
SWAN / GoMOOS forecasts (waves)
Model output: sea state, wind, temperature (OCEANVIEWER)
OPC Current Sea State
NEREIDS Satellite Waves
Surf-related sites: Surfline |  MagicSeaweed
Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Data:
NESDIS SST data - many regions
REMSS SST interface    REMSS TC Page
NOAA satellite-based SST (high-res)
AVHRR SST (John Hopkin's)
SST Anomalies: NESDIS  |  NHC  |  NCDC  |   ESRL
SST high-res model forecast (Maritimes)
Ocean Prediction Center (Washington, DC)
ASCAT   Alternate
Tidesonline - U.S. coastal tide gauge data
Storm Surge Probabilistic Display (US)
Canadian Tide and Observed Water Levels
Tide gauges
Canadian Ice Service
Canadian Products:
NAVCAN Weather
CMC Aviation PROGs
GFAs for Canadian Airspace
American Products:
Aviation Digital Data Service (US)
CAT Forecasts (NOAA)
Aviation Weather Center (Kansas City)
Map of Station Identifiers (Canada)
Identifiers: NS/PEI  NB  NF  LAB
Halifax mesonetwork: aerial  site names
NWS Enhanced Data Display
Eastern Canada (UNISYS)
United States (UNISYS)
NOAA(WPC) large surface plot maps
(change UTC time in URL for current/history)
Interactive Surface Data (U. of Wyoming)
WeatherSpark (graphs)
Privately-operated weather stations:
Tusket, NS  (just east of Yarmouth)
Annapolis Royal   photos
Coldbrook, NS (near Greenwood)
West Brooklyn Mtn, NS (10km east of Wolfville) extremes / avgs
QE2 Hospital Helipad (near Commons)  |  street-view photo
Bedford, NS [map]
Sambro/Duncan's Cove
Truro, NS [map]
Pugwash, NS (Salt Company)
New Glasgow, NS     
archive     extremes / avgs
River John, Pictou Co., NS
Antigonish (Hbr), NS    extremes/avgs
Spanish Ship Bay (western Guys. Co.), NS
Port Hawkesbury, NS
Sydney Mines, NS  1 | 2
Port Caledonia (just east of Glace Bay)
Cape North, NS  [map]  [archive]
Cheticamp, NS (CKJM radio)
Bertrand, NB (Acadian Pen.)
New Chelsea (Avalon), NL
St. John's, NF (MUN)
Cape Pine, NL [map]
L'Anse au Loup, Labrador

Jonathan Buffet - Nova Scotia:  LIST |  MAP
OTHER (Davisnet) - including many in New Brunswick
Road Reports - New Brunswick
CWOP - Citizens Weather Observing Program
MesoWest stations display map
WeatherUnderground display map

Water Survey of Canada riverflow conditions
Newfoundland River Flow Sites
New Brunswick RiverWatch
Canadian data:  Station Data   Monthly Summaries
Storm Summary Reports - Atlantic Canada
METARs and SAs running archive (max past 1440 obs)
PSC surface data display interface (back to 1998)
FSL Sounding Archive (1998...)
IRGA Sounding Archive
NESDIS Satellite Archive (1974...)
QuikSCAT   [storm archive 1]    [storm archive 2]
AVHRR SST/Cloud-cover Archive (1979...)
CIMSS Satellite Blog Archive
Total PW Product Archive (NESDIS)
Radar Data Archive (American)
Radar Data Archive (Canadian)
Canadian Buoy Data Archive
SST Archive (CLASS)
SST Anomalies - Gulf of Maine (1997-2008)
Special Events Imagery (NCDC)
Interesting Satellite Imagery (NESDIS)
Tropical Cyclone Rainfall Data (1976...)
Precipitation graphics (monthly) + climatology
NCEP-NCAR Re-analyses (1948...)     Visualization
Climate Diagnostics Center historical data plotting interface
Composite/anomaly plotter (ESRL)
Oceanographic Data (SST Climatology, BIO)   SST Data since 1997
Daily Weather Maps (US, lower Canada)
Station data plot archive
Station observation history (Canada)
Numerical Model Output Archive
TRMM archive viewer - tropical/subtropical applications
(also includes GOES IR, QuikSCAT and TMI SST)
WeatherSpark (historical graphs)
Canada (CMC):  00Z | 06Z | 12Z | 18Z
OPC Eastern Seaboard & West Atlantic:
00Z | 06Z | 12Z | 18Z
OPC Western Europe & East Atlantic:
00Z | 06Z | 12Z | 18Z
Objective analysis and plot composites (Agromet)
Various analyses including Europe
NA Temperature Contour (UNISYS)
4-panel Weather Summary (PSC)
Snow depth analyses
Canadian Climate Normals - 1971-2000 data
Climate Network Maps (Atlantic Canada)
Bjarne Hansen's diurnal/seasonal climatology website
Wind and Wave Climatology (MSC)
Ern Canada dep fr norm (temp):  1yr  |  90d  |  30d
Ern Canada dep fr norm (pcpn):  1yr  |  90d  |  30d
Maps of realtime anomalies (temp, precip, etc)
CPC maps of temp/precip (anomaly)
Running temperature anomalies
Interactive google maps style topo
Maritimes   Newfoundland   Labrador   (150-ft intervals)
Atlantic Canada Locator Map
Nova Scotia (with locators)
Pictou Co., NS (very high-res)
With station identifiers: NS   NB   NF   LAB
Upper-air Charts (CMC): 850 | 700 | 500 | 250
Interactive Sounding Site Map (Canada, US)
Mandatory Level Plots (UNISYS)
Wind Profilers
Satellite- (POES) soundings
WeatherTap (lightning, radar, etc)
Situational Awareness:  
Atlantic Region  |   Tropical
Natural Hazards of Canada    PSC Disaster Database
The Weather Calculator (El Paso NWSO)
UM Weather Software Archive
Standard Atmosphere Calculator
Wind Chill, Humidex, Humidity Calculators
Canadian Wind Chill Table (Celsius, km/h)
Saturation Vapor Pressure Table (mb)
Humidex Table (Celsius)   with dew points
Sun and Moon Rise/Set Tables
Meteorological SYNO Decodes
Synoptic Codes Table
AMS Journals Online   [early online releases]
Precipitation-typing nomogram    Table
Radar Beam Height Nomogram
Photo Gallery of Weather
Blank Plotting Maps - Eastern Canada:
1. Atlantic Canada    2. Marine Regions
3. Maritimes 4. Maritimes 2   5. Atlantic Canada 2
6.  Color topo-ref map
Forecast region maps:  NS  |  NB  |  NF  |  Lab
marine:  MRTMS  |  NF  |  Lab
MatLab scripts
Norlat Case Studies Library
Wave training module (including dynamic fetch)
Lat/Long finder
WeatherTap LTNG
World Wide Lightning Location Network
Lightning analysis EC (strike frequency)
Lightning analysis (TWN)
StormVue (NB - Fredericton)
North America Precision Lightning Network
Lightning Maps (.org)
Realtime global lightning pings
Highway Cameras:  NS  [thumbnail popup]  PEI    NB    NFLD  
Nova Scotia Webcams  
Halifax - Fenwick Tower View
Halifax International Airport
Peggy's Cove, NS
West Brooklyn Mtn (10km E. Wolfville, NS)
Prince Edward Island Cams (incl. Bridge)
Fredericton, NB (AFC Cam)
WU Webcams
Nav Canada sites
More web cams at Rodney Barney's site
General links and resources:
Canadian Hurricane Centre:
Bulletins  |  No-delay WO31 |  Track Map  |  Archives
National Hurricane Center (Miami)
Aircraft Vortex Data Message,     decoder,   realtime map
Situational Awareness (VueTOO)
PSC Tropical Weather Page
Tropical Tidbits site
Weather Underground Tropical Page
Tropical cyclone impact graphics
WMO:  TCFW  |  RSMCs  |  TC Page
NTC Activity Calculator
Hurricane City (Various Statistics)
Jim Leonard's Site
Blogs:  Jeff Masters  |  Brian McNoldy
Radars from various countries
StormPulse Storm Tracker
Damage Estimator (ICAT)
Energy Infrastructure - realtime mapping
Hurricane Science Resource
WMO Global Guide to Tropical Cyclones
Chris Landsea's Hurricanes and Climate page

Surface data and analyses:
Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch (TAFB)
Surface Analyses:
 00Z | 06Z | 12Z | 18Z
Hurricane surface wind fields (HWind)  [alternate]
Storm-centred Marine Data Plots
Radar imagery (during and post-storm)

Sea Surface Temperature data:
NESDIS SST data - many regions
SST Anomalies:  NESDIS  |  NHC  |  Gulf of Maine
SST/SST Anomalies for Atlantic Hurricane Window

Satellite-based products:
CIMSS Imagery (Sat winds, shear products, etc)  |  TC-specific
CIMSS Satellite Blog  |   CIMSS SATCON intensity estimates
SAB / NESDIS Main Tropical Site
TC Satellite Imagery (NRL, Monterey)  |  General Tropics (NRL)
TRMM Site (with storm 'slices')
Storm-centered imagery (floaters)
Oceanic Heat Content/Altimetry:  AOML  |   RSMAS
Tropical Satellite Imagery (John Knaff - CIRA)  NESDIS Site
eTRaP (Ensemble-based Tropical Rainfall Potential)
AMSU-derived Tropical Products
ASCAT   |  Alternate
Saharan Air Layer Product
RGB airmass product (GOES Sounder)    Info    TC Cases

NWP guidance and other forecast products:
Summary page on hurricane models (with acronyms)  |  WU site
Tropical Model Animations   [more on FSU MM5]
Penn State Univ Tropical E-Wall Model Page
Cyclone Phase Analyses (Bob Hart - FSU)
CAPS runs (1-hrly output, 72-hr run)
GFS Theta-e on Dynamic Trop Progs
WaveWatch-III NW Atlantic
HFIP (Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project) products
Ensemble tracks/intensity (Kerry Emanuel's TC forecast page)
Ensemble tracks/intensity (Jonathan Vigh's TC forecast page)
Ensemble tracks:  
Mike Fiorino |  Paula McCaslin (NOAA/ESRL)
Ensemble tracks (Clark Evans moe/FSU site)
Tropical cyclone tracker/ensemble site (with run-to-run comparisons)
10-day NAEFS:  
00Z  |  12Z
Model vortex tracker site
TC ensemble
TC Genesis Tracker (Mike Fiorino)
TC Diag table (like SHIPS (Fiorino))
SHIPS table (with storm type)
Storm Surge Forecast (probability)

Intra-seasonal (1 to 4 week) predictions:
TC Genesis Forecasts: Paul Roundy    CIRA    Univ of Hawaii     HFIP
Kelvin Wave/MJO forcings (Ventrice) (blues/purples = positive forcing)
TC landfall probability (Bob Hart)

Seasonal-Scale Information/Forecasts:
CSU seasonal forecasts  |  Pacific SSTs/Anomalies  |  ENSO Graph  |  
Global  SSTs  |  500-mb HT/Anoms  |  Running NAO index  |  
NAO predictions  |  ENSO predictions
Atlantic SSTs/Anomalies   |   ITCZ Progress  (Brian McNoldy)
CFS fields/diagnostics
IRI anomaly fields

Archives, Best Tracks (BTs) and running statistics:
UNISYS Tropical Archive/Information
HURDAT (tabular archive)
JHU/APL Tropical Imagery
AOML HRD Flight Imagery
International Best Tracks (IBTrACS)   Tabular
Best track datasets:  DeMaria   Landsea   Kossin
Current-season Tracks/summaries (NHC)
Hurricane Re-analysis Project (AOML)
Hurricane Tracker (historical database)
Numerical guidance archive   [documentation]
Realtime ACE:  Ryan Maue (WeatherBell)
Realtime ACE Mike Fiorino (NOAA/ESRL):   maps/time-series
Vortex Data Message Visual Archive (J. Vigh - UCAR)
Hurricane Impacts Along Nova Scotia Coastlines (Taylor, et al., 2000+)
SAR Imagery of Hurricanes (CSTARS)
Select Radar and Satellite Animations (Brian McNoldy)
Various Models:   site 1 |   site 2 (includes 1-week archive)
CMC GEM runs (regional/global/ensemble)
[GEM Cloud]    [GEM meteograms]  
Model meteograms (spotwx.com)  
Public-friendly forecasts (model-based)
Meteocode - Halifax:  
UQAM NWP:  LAM2.5 (HRDPS)   Multi-model Comparison
NCEP Models Page (NAM, GFS, MRF, NGM)
GEM Precip Types
NAM/GFS Precip Types   [alternate site]
GFS output Atlantic Canada (with precip types)
Wxcaster - various NAM/GFS diagnostic fields
Instant Weather Maps (customizable NWP display)
NAM/GFS QSF:  Main Tables   NAM 48HR 10:1
NAM 48HR Kuchera   GFS 48HR Kuchera
NAM Visibility
GFS Theta-e on Dynamic Trop Progs
SUNY Albany - specialized forecast fields (PV)
GEM Model Displays:  REG  GLB
U. Mich. Models Page (ETA, AVN, ECMWF...)
ECMWF day 3-4-5-6     10-day (main site)
Situational awareness table (ensemble-based anomalies)
Cyclone tracking site
Cyclone tracker/ensembles (UQAM)  (with run-to-run comparisons)
Model Soundings (WRF, GFS, UKMET)
Model Soundings (twisterdata)
Model (GFS/NAM/HWRF) meteograms (Halifax)
WeatherBell (prog anomalies, etc)
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Is.
New Brunswick
Complete suite of bulletins*
The Halifax Herald (Halifax NS)
News 95.7FM
Halifax Metro News (formerly Daily News)
The Telegram (St. John's NF)
New Glasgow NS News (East Coast FM Radio)
New Glasgow Evening News
Older Special Weather Events
(pre 2006)
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Quick Review of Convective Indices
Radar Imagery NavCanada (CAPPI and Echo Tops)
Maine Radar Echo Tops and Cell Movement
Sounding Data (including many convective indices)
CMC Summer Severe Weather PROGS
ETA 4-panel Lifted Index Plots
Storm Prediction Center (NWS)   [SPC storm reports]
ProbSevere - satellite based t-storm predictor
A Short Case Study of an Exceptionally Hot Summer Day:
August 10th, 2001
REPORT (pdf)

Fig. 1 - Surface analysis 18 UTC
Fig. 2 - 500 mb Height Analysis 18 UTC
Fig. 3 - 850 mb Temperatures 12 UTC
Fig. 4 - 850 mb Temperatures 18 UTC
Fig. 5. - Maximum Temperature Plot
Fig. 6 - Sea Surface Temperature Analysis
Fig. 7 - Sounding from Yarmouth 12 UTC
Canadian Fire Information
Fire Weather observations in the US (NOAA)
NB Fire Weather Observations
NS Fire Weather Observations   [Map for the fire sites]
Dalhousie Oceanography Department
POMSS (seminars)
Community for Mesoscale Modeling
RPN Utilities
Dalhousie Atmospheric Physics Program
Shell script writing
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Heavy Wet Snowfall Event - Halifax, 7 November 2002
Image 1              Storm Summary
Image 2             06Z 7 Nov Imagery:
Image 3              Surface Analysis   Satellite   500 mb HT/Vort (00HR ETA)
Image 4              Radar Composite                    1000-500mb Thickness/SLP
Weather Alerts:
EC:  Map | Criteria     EC&NWS: GoogleAlerts  
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Major Flood of March 31, 2003
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada
Hurricane Juan: September 28th and 29th, 2003 - Nova
Scotia and Prince Edward Island
The Great Maritimes Blizzard of
February 18-19, 2004 (a.k.a. White Juan)
Summary Report
Impacts of the Blizzard of January 23/24, 2005
in the Maritimes
Summary Report
Sunset views from the Atlantic Storm Prediction Center / Canadian Hurricane Center in Dartmouth,
Nova Scotia, Canada (July 28, 2005)  
sunset 1    sunset 2
* * * *
WX office AQ page
EC AQ Observations
EC AQ Forecast model (MACH)
Information about Environment Canada's AQHI
Dalhousie U (Tom Duck) LIDAR output    interpretation examples
American AQ model:  Operational | Experimental
NESDIS AQ Site (MODIS aerosol / AQ products)
Comparison of satellite
scales - Humberto 2001
and Earl 2010
Lenticular clouds over Halifax - 21 April 2012:
Main EC weather website